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This video from the November 2022 open house shows select improvements on
I-90 between SH-41 and 9th Street. The updated preliminary design, as part of the corridor study from SH
-41 to 15th Street, proposes to:

  • Add two lanes in each direction from SH-41 to US-95

  • Replace Northwest Boulevard Interchange with a single-point urban interchange (SPUI)

  • Replace US-95 Interchange with a SPUI

  • Add I-90 collector-distributor roads between US-95 and 4th Street  

  • Replace and add capacity to 4th Street Interchange

  • Add one lane in each direction from 4th Street to 15th Street

  • Remove and replace 7th Street bridge with a pedestrian bridge

  • Replace and reconfigure 15th Street Interchange

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